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"Please know that we truly appreciate all that you did to make the property a reality for us. We totally appreciate your taking the time to meet us on a Sunday, at last minute notice, and then providing such great service and guidance along the way. We spent the last two weekends at the "cabin" and are very pleased and happy with our decision. We will certainly keep you in mind should we have another need for a realtor in the future. We have mentioned you to our family and friends and you definitely have our recommendation. Thanks again Scott! "
- Bob & Cheryl P

"WEARING THE SMILE YOU GAVE ME. Thanks Scott for being a true Professional. You turned a low ball offer into a sale that we could live with. Only a Pro could have put together and closed a sale like this. Hats off to you for a job well done!"
- Curt & Mary T

"It's been a wonderful first few weeks. We just about have Noel's room finished. I just need to finish filling nail holes and paint the trim, but otherwise, she has a "pink" room. Also this past weekend we had some friends who came up to camp and stay with us. We had a great time with them and really enjoyed having them visit now that we have a house. It's really working out well for us. Once again thank you so much for your working with us over the year(s). We are so grateful for this house and it's been a big joy for us. "
- Jonathan, Erin & Noel S

"Scott, Our experience working with you was great! You were able to pinpoint the type of property that we were searching for and to find that perfect lot immediately. You assisted us in navigating the entire process of contract negotiations, meeting contingencies, reviewing zoning regulations and determining utilities on the lot. You went above and beyond with providing possible bank financing names and builders. The entire process went smoothly and you truly are a professional. I think it was destiny that we found you and will certainly recommend you to anyone looking for a place in Northern Wisconsin. We are thrilled and thank you again! "
- Mark & Linda R

"3/5/13 As soon as we met Scott we knew that he would help us find our “dream cottage” within our budget. He seemed to really listen to what we wanted and only showed us properties that “fit” us. He was honest about the pros and cons of each property. Scott was always available to answer any questions and to help us through the purchase process. He always gave us advance notice about upcoming deadlines and was readily available to us by both phone and/or email. I would definitely recommend Scott and his staff if you are looking for a realtor who truly wants to help you find the perfect cottage for you. Barb & Dennis, New Holstein, WI"
- Barb & Dennis F

"Well, we're into our second weekend at the Broken Bow property. Thanks for helping us with this and MANY THANKS to Les and Cindy for the work they did getting this ready for us. From the informative notes left all over the cabin to the bird book in the window, the homemade Broken Bow sign in the window, and the incredible organization of the maps and area attractions, they really made us feel welcomed. Oh, can't forget the flowers on the table and alongside the sidewalk and so many other things. Please thank them for us. We love the cabin and know that we will enjoy it for many years to come. "
- Jonathan & Kristel J

"Scott, It was a great pleasure working with you to find our “piece of paradise”. Our entire experience was wonderful and so much of that was because of the outstanding service you provided. Right from the beginning your follow up to our request for information on the area and set-up to receive listings based on our much varied wish list was prompt and thorough. We were so impressed with your knowledge of the multi-county areas we were searching including the lakes, hunting, trails, neighboring real estate, etc. Thanks for taking us through the process so diligently; we never had a concern of what was happening next because you always kept us well informed. From our first meeting to the day of closing we would give you an A++ and will be happy to recommend you to anyone looking for a property in Northern Wisconsin! Thanks again for everything, "
- Ron & Heidi W

"Hey Scott. I have yet to spend a night in the house but I’m a pretty happy customer so far ;-) I think you guys did a great job. In terms of feedback, I can say that I contacted a few agencies when we first started looking. Some didn’t get back to me and some did but seemed to have a hard time understanding what I wanted or would keep sending me listings outside my price range or geographic preference. I heard right back from you with good follow up and the web page system for viewing and tracking listings was great. Without that, we probably would never have gotten to the point of making an offer given the distance. Once you started showing us stuff it was clear that you were making note of what we liked and didn’t like and were able to give great advice about area lakes, etc. Pat and I felt very comfortable following your advice. Best, -fjh "
- Fred H

"October 19, 2011 NorWisRealty 3590 Cty. Hwy. N Rhinelander, WI 54501 Attn: Mr. Scott Freimuth Subject: REAL ESTATE SEARCH AND PURCHASE Dear Mr. Freimuth, We can’t thank you enough for your relentless lake property searches on our behalf. We truly believe that we would not have located and purchased the property without your expertise and diligence. What impressed us most about your services was your humble guidance throughout the entire process. Being patient and carefully listening to our requirements at the beginning of the property search process really paid off as this gave us a sense that you truly understood what we were looking for. We found it reassuring that you were able to delicately balance guiding us without judging or pushing. You would listen to our ideas and then you were willing to share your wisdom and expertise. It was very important that you were available, day or night, during the process of generating various property offers, contingencies and counter offers. No matter when we contacted you there was always a prompt response to our inquiries. We always felt like we were getting information as soon as it was available, and this was very reassuring. We look forward to starting a lifetime of memories at our new lake home and we can’t thank you enough for helping us making it reality. We will certainly recommend your services to others. Sincerely, "
- Beth & Dale N

"Hi Scott I just wanted to say thank you for your help in finding me an ideal piece of property. I enjoyed working with you and especially liked the Private Client Services website that was set up for my needs. Looking at what was available, in my price range and area I wanted to stay in made it easier for me. I didn't have the time nor did I want to see everything that was out there that did not fit my criteria. The fact that you understood what I was looking for with hunting land and being able to put in food plots was a big help. I trusted your judgment on certain pieces of property and it all paid off in the end. I am only 10 minutes from my cottage, have already started food plots the first weekend I was there and looking for places to put deer stands. Memories are starting already. Thanks again and I certainly will forward any possible business your way. "
- Dick H

"Hi Scott and the NorWisReality Team! Sorry for the delay in responding. I was traveling last week. Nancy and I want to express our thanks for taking us on this journey. Scott, your patience and understanding through our property search was much appreciated. I know we had your head spinning a couple of times as our search scope changed, to you it probably seemed like on every trip up. But you held firm to our first wants and desires taking us back to the place that truly fit our criteria. During the negotiation process you went the extra mile for us. Nancy and I had budgeted a sale price that we needed to adhere to. With the owners coming within a close dollar range, there seem to be no way the two prices could meet. Then you stepped in to brokerage a DEAL! Nancy and I were very happy to experience customer service like this……………it was so welcoming. Then too top it off we were ready to close but the underwriter noted no railing on a portion of the deck that was 2-3 feet off the ground “safety hazard” Scott called to give the bad news. We had 4 days to repair the area. No time for me to fly to Wis. or call relatives or call a contractor to build a railing on 30 feet of deck. Nancy and I were all a miss, then Scott e-mailed and said he would go over that afternoon to build the railing for us. We mentioned to Scott we would pay for the wood and supplies. He said no payment needed, it would be on the house. Welcome to Rhinelander! Scott thanks so much for a wonderful buying experience and all the hard work in helping us find the lake house of our dreams! "
- Nancy & Tony S

"Working with Scott at NorWis Realty was THE best experience I’ve ever had with any real estate agent. In fact, it was the best experience I’ve ever had with any sales or business transaction in my entire life. Scott and his staff at NorWis Realty are professional, trustworthy, and caring. I told Scott what I was looking for in a northwoods property. Unlike most real estate agencies who will try to sell anything (literally), Scott was extremely careful, thorough, and thoughtful. Whereas most real estate agents rush their clients into making quick decisions, Scott was consistently trying to slow me down to make sure that I knew I was making the best choices. For every ten properties I inquired about, Scott typically told me that nine of them were not what I would be happy with. This saved us both an incredible amount of time, and no doubt many headaches in the future. Every other realtor I’ve worked with showed me every property (even if it clearly did not meet my criteria) and tried laboriously to convince me that it was actually what I was looking for. Thankfully, Scott listens and matches up property with potential owners. Scott was also highly professional and patient working both with me and the seller. I have heard horror stories from friends about difficult dealings with sellers, bankers, and so forth. My situation was similar, but the difference was that Scott was helping me every step along the way. He did everything correctly the first time. He also helped me negotiate effectively and understand every step of the process. If you are looking for any kind of property, to buy or to sell, I cannot recommend anyone more highly than Scott and NorWis Realty. If I ever look to “upgrade” my current property, I will call Scott to help me sell my existing property and to look for my new one. Thank you, Scott, Lynn, and Jesse for making my family’s dream come true and finding a great place in the beautiful northwoods! "
- Steve M

"To: Scott Friemuth Norwis Realty 3590 Cty Hwy N Rhinelander, WI 54501 Dear Scott, We wanted to thank you for all of your help and expertise that you provided to us with the purchase of our vacation home outside Pickerel, WI. I think helping people to find a vacation property is much more challenging than locating a full-time residence. This is going to be your vacation home. The place you retreat to and go to relax. It needs to be as close to perfect as possible because vacation time is so precious. A realtor brave enough to take on this challenge has to have some special skills and qualities. There are three very important things that I believe are needed in a realtor, especially with the purchase of a vacation home; they are trust, communication, and a passion for the business. Trust is a difficult thing to establish with anyone, but is essential for a realtor-client relationship. You have to trust that your realtor will look out for your best interests, take the time to understand your housing needs, and find you the best value for your dollar. You need communication to establish trust. Your realtor needs to really listen to you to make sure he leads you to the best properties to meet your needs, not just make a sale. Being able to tell your realtor honestly,” this isn’t the property I am looking for” and likewise having him be hones t with you, such as “this place is pretty but the septic system isn’t to code and may need a few thousand in repairs,” is essential for finding the right property. A passion for the business wraps it all up. A realtor must know the market which he is selling, and must truly find joy in matching the right buyer with the right home. Based on your attention to detail, we knew you would be the right realtor for us. However, the unexpected bonuses of working with you were your native knowledge of the area, your patience, and your real passion for matching us with the right home. I truly felt that you wanted us to enjoy the northern counties of Wisconsin as much as you do. You went out of your way to give the city- dwellers a whole education about septic systems, wells, and how to shut down a vacation home for the winter. You offered local knowledge from the best place to snowshoe to the most reputable furnace repair guy. But you never once made us feel silly for asking. Based on this very positive experience, we would recommend you to any family, friends or colleagues looking for property in Northern Wisconsin. You would also be the first person we would contact if we were ever to sell our new vacation home, but don’t you’re your breath on that one because we love it too much! Thanks for making a mid-life dream come true and helping us find our new getaway. We could not have done it without you or any other realtor. Fond Regards, Brad and Melinda U Madison, WI "
- Brad & Melinda U

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